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New Mexico Well Drillers

New Mexico well drillers face strict regulations. The preservation of water is supervised and governed with the intent to waste as little as possible and to ensure that the environment is protected to the best of its ability.
To obtain a license, New Mexico well drillers must successfully pass an exam. The passing mark for these exams is 70% or higher and these exams are only offered four times a year. Testing topics include New Mexico water laws, engineering rules, regulations and techniques as well as the New Mexico latitude and longitude coordinate system and geological formations. If an applicant does not reach the 70% passing mark, they may retake the test but will need to pay the exam retaking fee. Any applicant found cheating on these tests will be banned from retaking the test for at least one year. Once the test is successfully passed, a license may be purchased to become a New Mexico well driller. This is under the condition that drilling is allowed only within the state of New Mexico and it will be indicated which type of drilling is allowed.
A New Mexico well drillers license is valid for two years and must be renewed within ten days of its expiration date. If it is not renewed within this allotted time then the license will expire without an option for reinstatement. New Mexico well drillers must then apply for a new license within 45 days if they decide to resume drilling.
New Mexico well drillers must display their name and license number clearly on each drill rig that he or she is using. They may hire a drilling supervisor to provide onsite supervision under the condition that the supervisor is registered. These registered New Mexico well drillers are responsible for the onsite activities of their crew members. To become registered, a supervisor must have at least two or more years of working experience under the supervision of a registered supervisor, must be at least 18 years old and must successfully pass a written exam.
Any New Mexico well drillers found improperly following regulations may have their license revoked or suspended. Part of the long list of examples that can cause revocation include: improper or misstatements in water well logs, not properly protecting both employees and the environment on the drilling site, or failure to use the proper materials while drilling.
There are very strict requirements and procedures that must be met before New Mexico well drillers are allowed to drill for water. The qualifications make them specialized in their field. However, no amount of education and planning can accurately predict water under the soil. They can effectively drill a much needed well, but guessing, water witches and text book calculations are what are used to determine where to drill. These New Mexico well drillers are not cheap to hire, one would want to be quite successful with a well drill location to keep expenses to a minimum.
This is where American Water Surveyors can help. We use highly sophisticated equipment to turn guessing into facts. We can map out the water from the surface and predict the gallons per minute of that potential well. This helps to save you thousands of dollars that could otherwise be lost if drilling is done in an incorrect spot or a dry well is encountered.
Phone us for details and a consultation on your project. There is so much we can do to save you both time and money. Contact us today at:
Email: info@wefindwater.com
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New Mexico Well Drillers

New Mexico well drillers are a valuable resource to go to when in need of a new well and you do not have the wherewithal to do it yourself. However, well drillers are paid by the foot, even if there is no water to be had. The risk of drilling a well without surveying the area is that there might be no water or not enough water. This risk outweighs the cost of hiring groundwater surveyors. It would be a worthwhile investment to hire groundwater surveyors before the well drillers. There is no point in a well that is not worth the money it took to make.

Groundwater surveyors should be the first step before anyone looks for New Mexico well drillers. Their technology is up to date and they can provide information on the depth needed for the well, possible yields and suitability of the water and well. Usually, these surveyors are very mobile, able to commit to the job without the hassle of gathering the right equipment and waiting for its arrival. As the technology is not supremely mobile, do not expect a surveyor to be able to work on foot, without the equipment, away from the vehicle holding the surveillance equipment.

There are very few negative aspects to hiring groundwater surveyors before New Mexico well drillers. A few of those might be the terrain in which the well is desired. If the first three feet of surface soil contains more than 30% rock, the surveyors will not be able to use their equipment and will not be able to locate a well. If there are electrical power lines, overhead or buried, nearby, it will interrupt their equipment’s readings. If the site is inaccessible by truck, they will not be able to work because the equipment cannot get close enough to the site.

However, these are minor problems if one considers the cost of getting a well drilled only to find that it is dry or does not produce enough water. New Mexico well drillers often hire groundwater surveyors before the drilling to help with the process and help the client know that the well will be worthwhile.

The benefits of being able to see into the ground without breaking out the shovels and knowing how much water to expect from that site would cost a fraction of drilling a well. New Mexico well drillers are able to help reduce the cost of well drilling by finding how deep the water flows. Instead of blindly drilling and hoping for water, one can find out how much water to expect from each site surveyed. Again, this cost only a fraction of the costs associated with drilling a well.

Ranchers, farmers, well drillers, municipalities, homeowners on an acreage or otherwise, and golf courses all require the use of water and most, if not all, call on a groundwater surveyor before finding the right New Mexico well driller. The most popular, and best, of these groundwater surveyors can be reached with the following contact information:
American Water Surveyors
Phone: 877-SEISMO1 (734-7661), 817-788-5716

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Save Money on New Mexico Well Drillers

Saving money is important in today’s economy. After all, we are all seeking to put money aside for retirement and a rainy day, especially in light of all that has happened in our economy in recent years. One thing that can be quite expensive is hiring water well drillers. While the service itself is costly enough in its own right, it is also a necessity, but this does not mean that there is not money to be saved. In fact, there are a few ways that making the right choice when it comes to drilling water wells on your property can help you save.

One thing that you should certainly take the time to do is to find the best possible New Mexico well drillers. Not all professionals are created equal, and you want a team that will use the best equipment, provide the best results, and operate in a time efficient manner while actually ensuring that every step of the job is done properly. This means finding a team that is dedicated to finding the ideal source of water on the very first try so that you aren’t paying for thousands of feet of fruitless drilling.

Of course, to this end, there is something else you can do to help you save money. Choosing to work with American Water Surveyors means that you can find the best water sources on your property before drilling. Using seismology and the best technology and equipment available, surveyors can find sources of water that are buried thousands of feet below ground. This means that you don’t have to worry about your drilling company coming up dry, as they will have mapped locations of the best water sources available so that they can perform a top quality job with great results.

Another benefit to choosing to work with a groundwater surveyor is that you can find a source of water that will last for many decades to come. Finding underground pools of water during especially wet seasons can be incredibly simple, but it can also be deceiving. American Water Surveyors can help find deeply buried water-bearing formations that are constantly fed and that will provide a quality source of clean water during even the driest New Mexico summers. This is something that every property owner should take the time to find and can certainly help you save thousands over the life of your well and your property.

The bottom line is that water well drilling should be very carefully and meticulously planned. There are many ways that you can save money without having to turn to an inferior team that makes the lowest possible bid. When it comes to your well, you need to keep in mind that you expect decades of performance from it. This means choosing the methods that will save you the most not only up front, but in the long run. By choosing to use the services of American Water Surveyors, you can feel confident that the well location chosen will provide you with the best savings and the best source of water. Contact American Water Surveyors to find out how we can assist you with your well location at 877-734-7661 or visit our web site www.wefindwater.com.

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New Mexico Well Drillers

The Office of the State Engineer in New Mexico has defined a well as a bore hole, cased or screened bore hole, or other hydraulic structure that is drilled, driven, or dug with the intent of penetrating a saturated geologic unit. New Mexico well drillers have strict codes of state compliance to adhere to and need a valid state license before any water well drilling is allowed.
Having a valid drilling permit is vitally important since it validates New Mexico well drillers as reputable companies able to conduct business in the state.
“Any person desiring to engage in the drilling of one or more wells for underground water within the boundaries of any underground source shall file an application with the state engineer for a driller license. It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to drill or to begin the drilling of a well for water from an underground source without a valid, existing license for the drilling of such wells issued by the State Engineer of New Mexico” source: http://www.ose.state.nm.us/water_info_rights_drillers.html
New Mexico well drillers not adhering to the stringent rules of drilling may be issued a written reprimand, a compliance order or, after a notice and hearing have their license suspended or revoked. These are serious matters. Even a seemingly simple issue of the licensed well driller or his registered drill rig supervisor not being present at the drilling site during well drilling activities violates the license agreement.
Coupled with the complicated issues of drought and water rights issues, including native water rights settlements, New Mexico well drillers really need to do their homework to avoid costly drilling mistakes. American Water Surveyors are knowledgeable professionals, cognizant of the legal ramifications of any drilling that violates the State’s water rights legislations. We have conducted surveys in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina. Our experienced personnel provide the important service of finding groundwater depth, yields, and suitability within the parameters of the legalities of the water rights of the individual states.
Contact us at info@wefindwater.com. We can help New Mexico well drillers with water sourcing needs. No matter which state you live in our systems are highly portable – we can travel anywhere. You can also check us out on twitter at http://twitter.com/wefindwater#.

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