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Drilling Water Wells is a Project Best Done by Professionals

Each year hundreds of individuals and corporations are faced with the necessity of drilling water wells. Sometimes it’s a homeowner with acreage, sometimes it’s a small municipality that can’t tap into a big city water system, or it may be a golf course or recreation development in a rural area that needs a good supply of fresh, clean water.

Whoever it is that requires the service, they would be smart to engage the services of qualified surveyors who can determine location, depth, and yield before a water drilling company is hired. You probably have no idea of the extreme expense that occurs when drilling water wells that yield only a dry well, but it’s easily avoidable. American Water Surveyors has the equipment and technology to find a reliable source of water for you.

Looking for a good source of water has been an activity since history began, as drilling for water wells was necessary if there was no clean source occurring naturally, such as lakes and rivers. In the 1500s water dowsing, or divining, with a y-shaped twig or rod was believed to have the power to sense the presence of water and send a message to the individual carrying it that it could be found beneath a specified place. Twigs from various specious of trees were used, depending on the dowser’s preference, and included peach or willow, while in Europe the hazel tree was preferred. Some had better success if they cut the twig fresh at each prospective site, others carried on with the same one from location to location. More often than not, success with finding water by this method was accomplished with more luck than knowledge.

By the mid-1940s, however, the effectiveness of the ancient method was being questioned, and more scientific activities began to locate a likely place for drilling water wells. While there are still many dowsers claiming to be more efficient than sophisticated methods, even they have changed their equipment to metal rods.

At American Water Surveyors, we use the most recent technologies to find a reliable source of water. Not only can the presence of groundwater be determined but also its yield in gallons per minute can be estimated. Today’s methods for drilling water wells are based on physics, with seismoelectrics the successful technique. The signals that indicate the presence of groundwater are highly efficient and it is possible to identify a water table and its depth by travel time of an impulse sent from the surface.

Regardless of the method, however, keep in mind that you still need to have your well water tested. If there is a serious problem with contaminants, you can often taste or smell it, but it is still wise to arrange to have it tested through AquaKnow (www.aquaknow.com), as sometimes it takes laboratory testing to detect it. You should have your water tested once a year because as the time goes by, wells can deteriorate and allow surface contaminants to enter the water supply.

For a full explanation of everything you need to know, and to request a quote, be sure to visit our website at www.wefindwater.com/ or call us at 1-877-SEISMO1 (734-7661), extension 1 for American Water Surveyors and extension 2 for AquaKnow. We have the state-of-the-art technology to find groundwater, depths, yields and suitability, which needs to be determined before drilling water wells begins. Check us out today!

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Take the Magic and Mystery out of Drilling Water Wells

Drilling water wells without knowing where the water is can cost thousands of dollars. The typical approach to drilling water wells has been to get out the drills and backhoes, and hope for the best. Sometimes groundwater is found where you hope it will be, but too often for the pocketbook, a second or third attempt must be made; and it is costly. You pay for the drilling services by the foot and sometimes no water is found even after drilling down 2000 feet. The drilling company still bills you for those hundreds or thousands of feet of dry holes in your landscape. American Water Surveyors saves the financial headaches of futile drilling attempts by locating the most likely sources of water from the surface. We can even tell the yield down to gallons per minute.

How does it work? In the past, people had to rely on the ‘magic’ of water-witching or hazel stick divining to tell whether or not there was water in the area they were drilling water wells but now, this effective new method relies on physics and geologically scientific principles for the information. This state of the art technology uses portable discovery and drilling equipment. In simplified terms, the seismic exploration equipment sees the fluid in the rocks and soil. The GF3500 computer-receiver equipment combined with a seismic generator detects electrical signals that are caused by seismic vibration impulses passing through the layers of rock, sediment and soil. A sharp sound pulse is created which moves down through the porous aquifer and causes the water ions to move away from the rock. This causes an electrical impulse which sends a signal to the surface. Each signal transmits information about the depth, thickness and quality of the aquifer to make it clear how much water the area is likely to yield. The depth that the signals are originating from is estimated by using the travel time of the downgoing seismic impulse. Pretty cool, yes? And certainly more reliable than walking along the field carrying a forked stick! Since signals are only produced by moveable water in saturated rocks, this equipment also shows where there is no water, and therefore no need for drilling water wells. Result? No more investing in a dry well. This technology is invaluable for anyone who wants to know how much water and how deep it is before drilling water wells or beginning any other kind of landscape planning.

However, in order to collect the best quality of data possible for drilling water wells the site you choose must be in an area where the soil is good. That is, the first three feet cannot be too rocky. The soil needs to have less than 30% rock in the first three feet. The area also cannot be too close to overhead or underground electrical sources. Electricity that is within 50-100 feet of the site can interfere with the sensitive equipment. Also, the area needs to be accessible to the pickup truck carrying the equipment. With only those limitations, why not hire a groundwater surveyor before you hire the water well drillers?

This technology will help you find the best water available. American Water Surveyors services have been revolutionizing drilling water wells in the United States and other areas as well. All our equipment is in the back of our pickup truck so is easily accessible to all areas. Costs are reduced, time is saved and environmental damage is lessened. Seismoelectrics takes the magic and mystery out of drilling water wells. American Water Surveyors is located at PO Box 164163 Fort Worth Texas 76161-4163. Phone at 877-734-7661. Contact us online at info@wefindwater.com

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Drilling Water Wells

Drilling water wells can be a huge and sometimes costly undertaking. Everyone looks forward to clean, fresh water flowing out of the kitchen sink, but over time deterioration of the casing and contamination can downgrade the quality of the well water. Whatever the reason, searching out new sites and drilling water wells is not a Sunday picnic.
There are websites that promote the do it your-self approach to drilling water wells, but what if you hit a rock layer using home designed equipment? Besides, do you really want to go back to the bucket and rope type of water well of the pioneers? Drilling water wells (or more correctly stated for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, digging water wells) was back breaking work way back then as it still is and now.
To dig a water well by hand, first the top soil and debris have to be removed. In coal mining that debris is called the overburden. There is a reason it is called the “overburden.” Digging away all that heavy top soil, roots and rocks can be over the limit of the burden you can bear. You dig for days and when you finally reach the astounding depth of eight feet, hurray! Success! Reward….you are up to your ankles in water! Digging under that deluge has now increased your burden over and above your endurance, especially when you try to lift your rubber boots out of the mire. Pull, pull, pull and voila… out comes the foot but not the boots. So you are forced to stick your foot in the mire and try to lift the boots out. Yes, those were the days. These days drilling water wells is best left to the professionals.
At American Water Surveyors we provide our clients with state of the art technology so the companies drilling water wells in your area will be equipped with the knowledge of exactly where to drill. Knowing depth and yield before you drill a water well can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
Companies drilling water wells get paid whether they find water or not. Our water finding services cost far less than drilling test wells or dry wells. Don’t overburden yourself. Call American Water Surveyors today at 1-877-SEISMO1 (734-7661) or 1-817-788-5716 or email us at info@wefindwater.com to let us help you in your water sourcing needs.

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