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Drilling Water Wells is a Project Best Done by Professionals

Each year hundreds of individuals and corporations are faced with the necessity of drilling water wells. Sometimes it’s a homeowner with acreage, sometimes it’s a small municipality that can’t tap into a big city water system, or it may be a golf course or recreation development in a rural area that needs a good supply of fresh, clean water.

Whoever it is that requires the service, they would be smart to engage the services of qualified surveyors who can determine location, depth, and yield before a water drilling company is hired. You probably have no idea of the extreme expense that occurs when drilling water wells that yield only a dry well, but it’s easily avoidable. American Water Surveyors has the equipment and technology to find a reliable source of water for you.

Looking for a good source of water has been an activity since history began, as drilling for water wells was necessary if there was no clean source occurring naturally, such as lakes and rivers. In the 1500s water dowsing, or divining, with a y-shaped twig or rod was believed to have the power to sense the presence of water and send a message to the individual carrying it that it could be found beneath a specified place. Twigs from various specious of trees were used, depending on the dowser’s preference, and included peach or willow, while in Europe the hazel tree was preferred. Some had better success if they cut the twig fresh at each prospective site, others carried on with the same one from location to location. More often than not, success with finding water by this method was accomplished with more luck than knowledge.

By the mid-1940s, however, the effectiveness of the ancient method was being questioned, and more scientific activities began to locate a likely place for drilling water wells. While there are still many dowsers claiming to be more efficient than sophisticated methods, even they have changed their equipment to metal rods.

At American Water Surveyors, we use the most recent technologies to find a reliable source of water. Not only can the presence of groundwater be determined but also its yield in gallons per minute can be estimated. Today’s methods for drilling water wells are based on physics, with seismoelectrics the successful technique. The signals that indicate the presence of groundwater are highly efficient and it is possible to identify a water table and its depth by travel time of an impulse sent from the surface.

Regardless of the method, however, keep in mind that you still need to have your well water tested. If there is a serious problem with contaminants, you can often taste or smell it, but it is still wise to arrange to have it tested through AquaKnow (www.aquaknow.com), as sometimes it takes laboratory testing to detect it. You should have your water tested once a year because as the time goes by, wells can deteriorate and allow surface contaminants to enter the water supply.

For a full explanation of everything you need to know, and to request a quote, be sure to visit our website at www.wefindwater.com/ or call us at 1-877-SEISMO1 (734-7661), extension 1 for American Water Surveyors and extension 2 for AquaKnow. We have the state-of-the-art technology to find groundwater, depths, yields and suitability, which needs to be determined before drilling water wells begins. Check us out today!

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