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New Mexico well drillers face strict regulations. The preservation of water is supervised and governed with the intent to waste as little as possible and to ensure that the environment is protected to the best of its ability.
To obtain a license, New Mexico well drillers must successfully pass an exam. The passing mark for these exams is 70% or higher and these exams are only offered four times a year. Testing topics include New Mexico water laws, engineering rules, regulations and techniques as well as the New Mexico latitude and longitude coordinate system and geological formations. If an applicant does not reach the 70% passing mark, they may retake the test but will need to pay the exam retaking fee. Any applicant found cheating on these tests will be banned from retaking the test for at least one year. Once the test is successfully passed, a license may be purchased to become a New Mexico well driller. This is under the condition that drilling is allowed only within the state of New Mexico and it will be indicated which type of drilling is allowed.
A New Mexico well drillers license is valid for two years and must be renewed within ten days of its expiration date. If it is not renewed within this allotted time then the license will expire without an option for reinstatement. New Mexico well drillers must then apply for a new license within 45 days if they decide to resume drilling.
New Mexico well drillers must display their name and license number clearly on each drill rig that he or she is using. They may hire a drilling supervisor to provide onsite supervision under the condition that the supervisor is registered. These registered New Mexico well drillers are responsible for the onsite activities of their crew members. To become registered, a supervisor must have at least two or more years of working experience under the supervision of a registered supervisor, must be at least 18 years old and must successfully pass a written exam.
Any New Mexico well drillers found improperly following regulations may have their license revoked or suspended. Part of the long list of examples that can cause revocation include: improper or misstatements in water well logs, not properly protecting both employees and the environment on the drilling site, or failure to use the proper materials while drilling.
There are very strict requirements and procedures that must be met before New Mexico well drillers are allowed to drill for water. The qualifications make them specialized in their field. However, no amount of education and planning can accurately predict water under the soil. They can effectively drill a much needed well, but guessing, water witches and text book calculations are what are used to determine where to drill. These New Mexico well drillers are not cheap to hire, one would want to be quite successful with a well drill location to keep expenses to a minimum.
This is where American Water Surveyors can help. We use highly sophisticated equipment to turn guessing into facts. We can map out the water from the surface and predict the gallons per minute of that potential well. This helps to save you thousands of dollars that could otherwise be lost if drilling is done in an incorrect spot or a dry well is encountered.
Phone us for details and a consultation on your project. There is so much we can do to save you both time and money. Contact us today at:
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