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A Quick Guide to Understanding GF3500 Signals

The GF3500, American Water Surveyors’ exclusive water discovery technology, is an advanced, scientific instrument, yet the signals it produces are easy to read. This not only helps us get more accurate readings when looking at GF3500 signals, but it also increases our productivity and efficiency when out in the field. Watch our video to see how we perform a groundwater survey using the GF3500. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH88EI1ZOqE

Here’s a quick guide to why the GF3500 offers a new way to look at water detection.

The Tech

The GF3500 operates by sending electronic pulses deep into the ground through layers and layers of rock. Those pulses reflect and change depending on what’s in the soil, from solid rock to water deposits, and sends the information back to the GF3500 receptacle. The receptacle itself can differentiate between noise, signals, and other incoming information in an instant, displaying only the relevant information on its screen for easy reading by the operator. Best of all, its portable, rugged design lets the GF3500 be easily moved from site to site.

The Interface

Once the GF3500 signals bounce back to the receptacle, the information is laid out in a simple, easy-to-read, and intuitive interface. The screen displays a series of lines and graphs that lay out the necessary information in simple terms. Options are available to focus the information on specific needs, and all of this can be done while in the field, in real time, as the electronic signals make their way back to the GF3500. From there, the GF3500 operator can make accurate estimates on the likelihood of water, and you can start drilling with confidence if water is found.

The Results

Between the advanced technology and easy interface, the GF3500 provides a highly efficient water detection system that dramatically reduces the chances of drilling a dry well. On average, an operator can read up to twenty sites a day, making this technology one of the most efficient options on the market. With more accurate readings, your search for water can rely on less unnecessary and unsuccessful drilling, which saves you time and money. The portable design makes surveying lighter and quicker as well, enabling us to provide outstanding services to several clients each day.

Water surveying is technical work, but that doesn’t mean the equipment should be impossible to use. At American Water Surveyors, we believe the exact opposite: that technologically advanced equipment should be intuitive and innovative. The GF3500 fully represents this ideal. Simple, efficient, effective, and technologically advanced, this portable piece of equipment can help you find the water you need in a reasonable timeframe.

If you need to drill a well, contact us first. Drillers charge by the foot whether or not they find water, so let us find the water on your property before you call in the drilling team. When they know exactly where to drill and how much water the well will yield, you save time, and more importantly – money. Contact us today.

January 4, 2016 at 4:21 pm
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