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Tips to Save Money When Water Well Drilling During a Drought

Summary: Finding water during a drought is even more difficult than usual, yet incredibly necessary. Rather than spending thousands of dollars digging for water that you don’t know is there or not, have American Water Surveyors conduct a groundwater survey, before you begin to drill.

Droughts occur all across the country and when they do, they have a severe impact on a large portion of the population. Whether you live in the city or in a more rural location, drought can affect your water supply.

Drilling Deeper During Droughts

During a drought, there is a much higher chance of your water well running dry. This is because more water is being pumped out of the well than what is coming in. Due to the dry weather, the water table will fall further below the surface, as it’s not being replenished by regular rainfall. In order to solve this issue, many people choose to deepen their wells in an attempt to reach a more reliable water supply. The main concern when it comes to this solution is that you are not guaranteed to hit water when you dig further. A deeper, properly constructed well has many benefits. If you do hit water, your water source will be protected from surface contamination, including fertilizers and spills. Also, if you do experience drought, it will take a lot longer to hit your water table. If you choose to combat drought by digging a deeper well, you can save money by ensuring that you have a good groundwater source beneath your well before you start to dig.

Call on American Water Surveyors to Find Water

Even if you are extending an existing well, there is no guarantee that you are going to hit water when you begin digging. Unfortunately, water well drillers get paid by the foot, whether they find water or not. Before you spend hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on a well that does not produce results, call upon American Water Surveyors. We are able to find water before drilling! Best of all, our water finding services cost much less than drilling test wells or dry wells. We use the world’s leading edge technology to measure groundwater depths and yields, assisting everyone – from ranchers and farmers to real estate developers and municipalities. The transmissivity of water can be mapped from the surface, and yield can be estimated in gallons per minute or liters per second.

Although drilling is an effective exploration method, it is very costly. In the early 20th century, the modern oil industry grew from using drilling to using seismic surveying as its principal exploration method. Seismic surveying reduces exploration costs tenfold, which is why oil exploration and development companies rapidly grew richer. Now, American Water Surveyors has used the same technology to improve upon traditional water finding methods. Antiquated water finding techniques involve water witches, armed with rods or sticks. If you’d like to drill for water during a drought, we can effectively locate groundwater supplies in advance of drilling by using science. Our methods are based upon physics, not magic. We have completed over 640 groundwater surveys across 22 states, including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Montana. Contact us at info@wefindwater.com or at 1-877-SEISMO1 to see how seismoelectrics can help you find water, even during a period of drought.

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It’s Not Just About Finding the Water – Why Depth and Yield Matter Too

Summary: American Water Surveyors takes the guesswork out of drilling for water by determining the depth and yield of groundwater sources before you dig. Water well drillers get paid by foot, even if they don’t hit water. Protect yourself from digging a dry well by having a groundwater survey conducted on your property, before any digging commences.

What is your main concern when it comes to finding water? Do you know what it is you’re looking for, or is it once you find water that you think you’ve succeeded? Finding water is actually only half the battle when it comes to finding a reliable groundwater source. What many people don’t realize is the fact that depth and yield matter too.

Knowing Depth and Yield of Groundwater Sources

Have you ever drilled a dry well? Or maybe you’ve drilled a well that didn’t produce enough water to justify the cost? Knowing depth and yield before you even begin to drill a water well can actually save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. The problem is, water well drillers get paid by the foot, whether they actually find water or not. The water finding services that we offer at American Water Surveyors cost far less than drilling test wells or dry wells, and also offers much more information than drilling a test well ever could. We are dedicated to being the premier service provider in the water finding industry. We use the world’s leading-edge technology to measure groundwater depths and yields. The transmissivity of water can be mapped from the surface, and yield can be estimated in gallons per minute or liters per second. Our seismic exploration techniques offer the only effective method for locating groundwater supplies in advance of drilling. Our exploration methods are based on physics and seismoelectrics, and are now the technique of choice for cost-conscious groundwater users.

Understanding Groundwater Depth and Yield

Water well drillers typically depend on antiquated or guesswork methods to determine where water may be found. Either that, or they will drill experimental wells – also known as exploratory test wells – which quickly drive up the cost for the consumer. All of these techniques are unreliable and can be ineffective, especially considering that not all water well companies have the same level of expertise. In contrast, American Water Surveyors uses a completely different approach. We use advanced seismoelectric survey instruments, which allow water well seekers to detect water, as well as the depth and its anticipated yield. Geology, water tables, and area water well logs are all considered into the activity.

Contact American Water Surveyors Now!

If you would like to know the depth and yield of your groundwater sources prior to drilling a well, contact American Water Surveyors today. Drilling for fresh water can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Cut back on the amount of time it takes by having us conduct an affordable groundwater survey on your property before you dig. Email us at info@wefindwater.com or call us at 1-877-SEISMO1 (734-7661) to find out more. Calling us before you drill can save you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on drilling a dry well. We will not only determine the location of your best groundwater sources, but will also determine the depth and yield of those sources, ensuring that the well you dig is reliable and can stand the test of time.

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