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The Easy Way Farmers Save Money By Avoiding Dry Wells

Summary: Dry wells are expensive, time-consuming and, most importantly, useless. Here’s how many farmers are avoiding digging dry wells.

Many farmers have their own story about dry wells. The stories all vary, but there is a core that remains to every single instance: the effort and the cost of digging that well, only to have its yield underperform, is frustrating and ultimately a waste. For years, digging dry wells was simply part of finding water when you are too far from the municipal water supply. Barring trucked in, expensive water, it remained the most cost-effective means of finding a consistent supply of water.

While digging dry wells remains a frustrating experience, it actually can be easily avoided thanks to the technology and expertise of water surveyors. Equipped with machines that can find water before digging, water surveyors can help speed up the well-digging process and find better yields, saving farmers time and money when looking for well water.

Water surveyors often operate separately from well-digging firms, helping those companies find the perfect spot to dig and leaving the literal heavy lifting to them. By focusing on finding water rather than digging the wells, water surveyors can fine-tune their expertise, and that all starts with understanding the technology behind modern water finding: the GF3500.

The GF3500 is American Water Surveyors high-tech water-finding technology, developed specifically to help discover water that is hidden beneath the surface of the earth. The device sends electronic pulses deep into the ground, pulsing through layers of rock and sediment to find water. When it does find water, the device held by the water surveyor measures the amount of water, how deep underground the water is and estimates the potential yield. The device is portable and incredibly durable, making it even easier to use in environments far away from the comforts of urban living.

While the device itself relies on complex seismoelectric systems to analyze the signals sent underground, the ultimate result is a more efficient way to find water. By cutting out the usual method of finding water, which is to make an educated guess and dig to see if the hypothesis was true, the GF3500 helps well diggers build wells with confidence.

Ultimately, using professional water surveyors yields three important benefits:

-Faster well building: By cutting out experimental digging and digging less overall, wells built with water surveyors can be built faster.

-Less cost: Less digging means less labor. Less labor means an overall less expensive process.

-Better yields: Since the water-finding technology can measure possible yields, the wells are more likely to last longer and provide more consistent water supplies.

American Water Surveyors uses the GF3500 as their exclusive, proprietary water-finding technology, which helps cut costs, save time and create more dependable wells for farmers and anyone living or working too far from the municipal water supply. Unlike other water surveying styles, which often rely on a guess-and-dig approach, our water surveyors use state-of-the-art equipment to find well water, so farmers can enjoy better wells and higher yields in less time, and for less money. Learn more by visiting us online today.

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