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Tony St James Interviews the Owner of American Water Surveyors: Some Takeaways

Building a well is a huge commitment of labor and resources. When your well is in a good place over a clean aquifer, the cost and time are well worth it, but if your well doesn’t work, or if it goes dry after a short while, then you’re left with lost money and a well you can’t use. Nobody wants that, which is where American Water Surveyors comes in. Recently, Tony St James interviewed our company’s owner, Gerald Burden, about the process of surveying the potential sites of water wells. Here are a few of the highlights of that interview, along with some insights from the company.

A Well-Established Company

American Water Surveyors has been in business for nearly a decade. We owe our success to our expertise and dedication to helping our customers find high quality aquifers so that they can build reliable, long-lasting water wells for their property. With our state-of-the-art equipment we are able to estimate the depth and yield potential of a well long before the project of building it has begun. We have surveyed in 21 states and are reaching the mark of 600 properties surveyed, which makes us a well-established company, no pun intended!

Saving You Time and Money

We take each surveying assignment very seriously, taking the time to individually research each request before even traveling to the location of the potential well. This allows us to save customers time and money by weeding out unsuitable locations before we commit to surveying the land. Our seismic detection equipment can help to narrow down the best place to drill your well, completely eliminating the costly process of trial and error. It may seem like witchcraft, but it’s all due to reliable technology, hard work and dedication. No black magic required, although we admit that dowsing rods would be quite convenient if they actually worked!

The Importance Of Professional Surveying

Beyond the steep cost of building and maintaining a water well, there are other reasons to hire American Water Surveyors to survey your land before you start drilling. Not all aquifers are created equal, and some of them can run a high risk of contamination. We help you avoid the risk of unusable water by analyzing the location of your intended site for contaminants both natural and man-made. Our goal is to make certain that your well is not only functional and reliable, but completely safe for you, your family and your livestock.

Contact Us Before You Drill

The beauty of a properly drilled well is that it allows you to live in areas that are off the main grid, and to independently maintain your own water supply. American Water Surveyors wants to help you to keep that convenience and independence in a safe and affordable manner. Give us a call before you start planning a new well. We can help you to invest your resources wisely so you end up with a well that will serve you and your family for years to come.

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Educate Yourself! Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled

If you have ever needed a well drilled, you know that most water well drillers are paid by the foot. This means they get paid no matter what; whether or not they find water is irrelevant. This can cause a great deal of financial distress if the driller winds up drilling a dry well.

How We Can Help

At American Water Surveyors, we use the best in state-of-the-art technologies, in order to find groundwater depth, yields, and suitability. We do all of this before you call the drillers. Getting an affordable groundwater survey can not only lessens your final cost, but also takes the guesswork out of drilling for water. If you depend on old techniques such as drilling experimental wells or divining water sources, you will risk pumping the groundwater near depletion in your area during an emergency, as you will not have a clear idea of the yield available to you, or worse – you could wind up drilling that expensive dry well.

Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled

With our new DVD, Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled, you will see the process step-by-step, from drilling to well construction, and finally, equipment installation. By familiarizing yourself with this process, you no longer have to rely on the opinions of others when it comes to drilling a well. You can now become the expert on water well drilling! Learn the basics of groundwater and the home water system today, before you make any costly decisions regarding your own property. By understanding why you may not be able to drill a suitable well, although you can find groundwater almost everywhere, you will be able to better understand the entire process. This allows you to save time and money, as you will make empowered and informed decisions.

Order The DVD

The DVD Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled was produced by the American Groundwater Trust, so you know that you are getting a quality product full of useful information. There are beautiful graphics with expert narration throughout. This is a very high quality product, for a very reasonable price. The DVD is just $20 (plus shipping and handling depending on where you live). Your payment will be securely processed via PayPal. The DVD is 15 minutes long, and you get a lot for your money. You get the ability to save thousands of dollars by simply understanding the process.

Contact Us Today

Based in Forth Worth, Texas, American Water Surveyors will come to you, no matter where in America you happen to be. We’ve completed over 600 ground water surveys in 21 states. Visit us today at www.wefindwater.com or contact us at 1-877-SEISMO1 (734-7661) by phone, and info@wefindwater.com via email. We welcome the opportunity to survey for water wells in any state!

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American Water Surveyors Presents What You Should Know Before you Drill a Well

If you’re thinking about drilling a well, you’ll want to do your research first. Drilling a well is often a very expensive and time-consuming experience, and many people end up with nothing to show for it, other than wasted money, energy and time. This is because well drillers get paid by the foot regardless of if they hit a water source. If they don’t know where to drill, you get a dry well and an expensive bill.blog-pic1

That’s why we’ve created the book What You Should Know Before You Drill a Well, which provides a comprehensive and thorough guide to all the ins-and-outs of drilling a well. The book answers questions, such as (1) How can a groundwater survey save hundreds if not thousands of dollars? (2) What kind of technology determines the presence of groundwater? (3) What questions should you ask a well driller, and many, many more! This book is especially useful for landowners who have never drilled a well before, and have very little idea of where to start. However, What You Should Know Before You Drill a Well is not only aimed at property owners and developers who are thinking about drilling a well for the first time; it also provides clear guidance and critical information to people with all levels of experience in drilling a well.

Comprehensive and Complete

The book not only provides detailed information about how to find groundwater, but also provides information regarding the types of questions you should ask a driller, how often you should test your groundwater, and what kinds of well development methods are available to ensure maximum yield from your well.

Read the Book, Watch the DVD

While the book What You Should Know Before You Drill a Well provides clear and comprehensive advice, with easy-to-follow diagrams and even some fun facts, if you’re really serious about drilling a well, you’ll want to get the DVD as well. Produced by American Ground Water Trust, the DVD, entitled Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled shows the step-by-step process of drilling a well, and provides viewers with important information on well construction and well equipment.

The DVD also features excellent graphics accompanied by expert narration, so that you can get clear insight into the process of drill-welling, and thus make informed decisions when it comes to drilling your own well and testing your water on a regular basis.

For more information on ordering the book and/or DVD, e-mail American Water Surveyors at info@wefindwater.com. You can also visit our website at www.wefindwater.com or call us at 877-SEISMOI (734-7661). We are more than happy to respond to all of your inquiries and look forward to hearing from you! Happy drilling!

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