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Simple Reasons Why a Groundwater Surveyor Can Save You Money

drilling rigIt wasn’t too long ago that water surveying mostly involved a Y-shaped stick and a practice called “divining.” It was a simple method, to be sure, but in many ways the ways we searched for water for a very long time didn’t change much. People still used plenty of guesswork in looking for a viable place for a well, whether it was exploratory drilling, guesswork, or still relying on that stick. Thankfully, finding water has experienced a major shift in the past few years, and there is a newer way to find water, help to get access to that water, and savings of time and money with the procedure. That solution is professional groundwater surveyors.

Water surveying is a precise and complicated scientific procedure, one that uses state-of-the-art technology to read seismic movements and determine if there is water hidden beneath the earth’s surface. It requires years of training and experience, as well as a familiarity with how water behaves deep in the ground. To some, it may still look like the ancient practice of divining, but the results are much more reliable and based on real science.

At American Water Surveyors, we take the guesswork out of water location by using a GF3500 water location system. This piece of technology uses sound-waves and seismic readings to determine if water is below, which can help you find water in less time and with less money. Since water drilling costs are calculated by the foot, plus additional costs of casing, pump, wiring and plumbing, it’s important that you don’t waste precious resources in your hunt for water.

First off, our technology creates results, not simply guesswork, which means you will spend less time drilling. Our surveyors and their equipment detect groundwater in ways that were almost unimaginable even a few short decades ago, and these skills and technologies have only improved over time. With careful readings, our surveyors can point you to the best possible water locations with confidence and accuracy, eliminating dry wells.

Once you start saving time, you also start saving money. With less time spent on the laborious job of drilling for water that isn’t even there, you can better allocate your resources to more successful ventures. That means more money spent on things you need outside of a well, since your well drilling costs can be reduced with a groundwater survey. So, instead of guessing and hoping, our professional groundwater surveyors can help you find water more quickly and at a smaller cost.

American Water Surveyors is dedicated to helping people find they water they need at a price that’s reasonable. Using experienced surveyors and the latest water surveying technology, we will help you spend less time and money finding water and more time enjoying a reliable well. If you live somewhere in need of a well, feel free to contact us for more information. It could result in a better well, better water, and a better quality of life.

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The Three Driest Places on Earth

Blog pic.pngIf you think that summer drags on and is just one hot, dry day after another; you may be interested to know there are some places in the world that take dry to an entirely different extreme. The three driest places on earth have little rainfall (if any), making it difficult to grow anything since any water continuously evaporates from the surface.

The Three Driest Places on Earth

  • Antarctica’s Dry Valleys


Although when most people think of Antarctica they picture a terrain covered in snow, the dry valleys of Antarctica is the driest place on earth. There is no rainfall in this area of the globe, and ice or snow is rarely seen because it is an ice-free region. The mountains and unique weather conditions block any flowing ice from the sea to reach this area. When it is cold, the wind can blow as fast as 200 mph, and heats while it descends thus evaporating all ice, snow and water in its path.

It is interesting to note that the Antarctica’s dry valleys are considered to be the closest terrain to Mars on earth.

  • Arica Chile – The Driest City


This city, located in Chile, is the driest city in the world, with an average rainfall of 0.03 inches per year. Although it rarely rains there, Arica has a cloud cover and high humidity level. However, even though the air is moist, the wetness does not make it to ground level.

The Atacama Deseret surrounds Arica.It is interesting to note that some areas in the desert have not had rain in over five centuries.

  • Aswan, Egypt


Aswan, Egypt is the sunniest southern city in the country (about 81 miles south of Luxor) and gets an average of 0.0338 inches of rain each year.  Although the Aswan Dam (an embankment dam built across the Nile) is located there, for the most part the city does not get any moisture.

Although some areas of Egypt get an ocean breeze, Aswan does not, thus it is hot and dehydrated for the entire year. Another factor that plays a role in Aswan’s climate is the city’s proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, which contributes to the dry weather and extremely high temperatures, with sand blasting winds reaching 100 mph.

It is interesting to note that the stones used to build the pyramids at Gaza came from the dry valleys of Aswan, Egypt.

Save Time and Money With a Water Locating Services

Chances are high that you are not planning to drill a water well in one of the three driest places on earth, but wherever you drill you run the risk of not finding water. This is where a water locating service can make a huge difference.

Long before the water drillers show up to get to work, you want to be sure there is water where you are drilling. This not only saves you a lot of time, but potentially thousands of dollars as well.

If you need to find water so you know where to build your well, call American Water Surveyors at 1(877) 734-7661 or visit our website.

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A Quick Guide to Understanding GF3500 Signals

The GF3500, American Water Surveyors’ exclusive water discovery technology, is an advanced, scientific instrument, yet the signals it produces are easy to read. This not only helps us get more accurate readings when looking at GF3500 signals, but it also increases our productivity and efficiency when out in the field. Watch our video to see how we perform a groundwater survey using the GF3500. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH88EI1ZOqE

Here’s a quick guide to why the GF3500 offers a new way to look at water detection.

The Tech

The GF3500 operates by sending electronic pulses deep into the ground through layers and layers of rock. Those pulses reflect and change depending on what’s in the soil, from solid rock to water deposits, and sends the information back to the GF3500 receptacle. The receptacle itself can differentiate between noise, signals, and other incoming information in an instant, displaying only the relevant information on its screen for easy reading by the operator. Best of all, its portable, rugged design lets the GF3500 be easily moved from site to site.

The Interface

Once the GF3500 signals bounce back to the receptacle, the information is laid out in a simple, easy-to-read, and intuitive interface. The screen displays a series of lines and graphs that lay out the necessary information in simple terms. Options are available to focus the information on specific needs, and all of this can be done while in the field, in real time, as the electronic signals make their way back to the GF3500. From there, the GF3500 operator can make accurate estimates on the likelihood of water, and you can start drilling with confidence if water is found.

The Results

Between the advanced technology and easy interface, the GF3500 provides a highly efficient water detection system that dramatically reduces the chances of drilling a dry well. On average, an operator can read up to twenty sites a day, making this technology one of the most efficient options on the market. With more accurate readings, your search for water can rely on less unnecessary and unsuccessful drilling, which saves you time and money. The portable design makes surveying lighter and quicker as well, enabling us to provide outstanding services to several clients each day.

Water surveying is technical work, but that doesn’t mean the equipment should be impossible to use. At American Water Surveyors, we believe the exact opposite: that technologically advanced equipment should be intuitive and innovative. The GF3500 fully represents this ideal. Simple, efficient, effective, and technologically advanced, this portable piece of equipment can help you find the water you need in a reasonable timeframe.

If you need to drill a well, contact us first. Drillers charge by the foot whether or not they find water, so let us find the water on your property before you call in the drilling team. When they know exactly where to drill and how much water the well will yield, you save time, and more importantly – money. Contact us today.

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