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Oklahoma Well Drillers and Water Surveyors – What a Great Match!

Nothing is more important to building a home or a development than knowing you have access to enough water to meet your needs, but looking for water the old-fashioned way with a divining rod just doesn’t cut it!

Top Technology

Before you call Oklahoma well drillers, call a water surveyor.  They use cutting-edge technology and industry-leading techniques to measure how much ground water is available in a given area. Look for a surveyor that uses seismoelectrics.  This means using a combination of seismic vibrations with an electronic signal that measures the depth, thickness and quality of an aquifer before drilling – which will definitely save you money and time since you have to pay for drilling by the foot, even if the driller provides nothing but a dry well.

Here’s a fun fact: Seismoelectroics are also used when looking for oil deposits and has cut exploration costs in that industry considerably.

Working Hard for You

Water surveyors work for a range of clients, including ranchers, farmers, residential homeowners, municipalities, real estate and resort developers, and water well drillers. They work in almost any kind of terrain and land, but there are some instances when they won’t work due to terrain problems. Surface conditions on the land to be surveyed can’t contain a lot of rock – specifically, the first three feet of soil must have less than 30 per cent rock. Surveyors also like to keep 50 feet away from overhead and underground power lines because the electrical transmissions in the wires will affect the equipment and the readings.

American Water Surveyors

American Water Surveyors is dedicated to finding your underground water source before Oklahoma well drillers start to dig.  Our motto, “We Find Water” means just that.  If you need a well, you need to know where to dig and we will find that water for you so you can point your driller in the right direction.

We have a decade of experience using our EKS seismoelectric technology to quickly and accurately provide you with detailed information about your groundwater reserves before you spend the time and money drilling. On top of that, we’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and a member of the Water Quality Association and the National Ground Water Association.

Don’t be disappointed with a dry or shallow well.  Save time, money and stress by calling us for a water survey before you start to dig.

Contact American Water Surveyors at:

Call: 877-SEISMO1 (734-7661) or 817-788-5716

Fax:  817-210-4225

Email: info@wefindwater.com


We also test water!  Check out our site: www.aquaknow.com.  Aquaknow provides high-quality laboratory tests for water so you know exactly what is in your water and if it’s safe to drink. drilling rig

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Will You Need Water Well Drillers for Your New Property?

frost proof faucetIf you build a home in a rural area, you know that one of the tasks you will have to take on is having a water well drilled. Rural areas often don’t have access to pretreated water, and therefore have to create their own supply by having a well drilled. What happens when you are moving to a rural area, but are buying an existing house? Obviously there will be a well there already, so you will not be charged with the task of hiring water well drillers, but how do you know that that well is in good condition and the water is clean, safe, and usable? If the home is a little on the older side, you might be worried about the condition of the well. Even if the home is fairly new, if you didn’t drill the well yourself, you might have some concerns about safety.

You might not need to hire water well drillers when you are moving onto a property with an existing well, but you will at the very least want to hire someone to conduct a thorough set of tests on your well water. If the property and the well are fairly new, there is a good chance you won’t find anything of concern, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious. There could be contaminants even in a newer well, due to changes in ground composition or poor well placement in the first place. It’s always best to be cautious, and the truth of the matter is that when your water comes from a well, you will have to have it tested at regular intervals anyway, so you might as well get the first test done before you move in.

If you are moving onto an older property, it will be very important to have the well water tested, and have the structural integrity of the well itself looked at as well. Sometimes, due to environmental changes over time, older wells will begin to dry up, or might have unwanted substances seeping into the water. Sometimes it is possible to correct these issues, but other times water well drillers need to be brought in to drill a new well. Bringing water well drillers might be frustrating, but at least you’ll know your well is safe and clean again, and this way, because the well will be brand new, you will get more years of use out of it.

Water well drillers charge for their services, even if the well they drill turns up dry.  Save time and money by having a seismoelectric survey completed before the drillers arrive.  This survey will not only pinpoint a water source, it will also tell you the depth and yield.  We have years of experience and use modern technology to find clean, deep, useable water sources on your property.  If you have to call water well drillers, call us first.

Learn more on our website or call 1-877-SEISMO1 (734-7661).

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