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Water Well Drilling Can Cost More Than You Think

The first thing anyone has to know about water well drilling is that it is expensive, the second thing you have to know is that is can be way more expensive than you think. When you initially look into the cost of getting a water well drilled, you can come up with figures anywhere from $1,500 though $15,000 +. You also learn that drilling has a whole bunch of different price levels depending upon the terrain, the substrate and the access, and you generally pay by the foot. This means there is no clear way to estimate the cost of your well without first doing some research and getting some information about the land that you are on.

The first resource you can use is the USGS. They have done extensive research on the land of the country, as well as into groundwater and natural aquifers. Though they do not have detailed underwater maps of every square inch of the country, they do have many other resources including an entire web section on water wells. This will get you the basic information to get your feet wet in the world of water well drilling. At this point you still don’t really know how much your water well is going to cost, so it’s time to call the drilling company or a water survey company. As mentioned before, drillers use a variety of methods in selecting water well sites; some use up-to-date land surveys as well as historical reports on the area, in combination with favorable formations in the landscape. One of the other most time tested yet obscure methods is known as dowsing or more commonly witching, where a person walks the ground with a “Y” or “L” shaped stick in an attempt to “magically” find water. The method has a surprising success rate considering there is no scientific proof that it works, or that dowsers are that lucky.

The other way you can go is to spend a little money up front to know how much money you are going to have to spend going down. This is where you can use the services of a ground water survey company. Using a qualified ground water surveying company is less expensive than a well driller’s exploratory test spots, in many cases. Groundwater surveying uses the latest technologies to determine the depth, size, yield and quality of the potential well site. With an affordable advanced seismoelectric survey, the rest of the project can be accurately forecast, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars. Be smart with your water well drilling and get the information you need before the ground eating money monster starts charging you by the foot!
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We work for you so you know where the water is before a driller drills. Using the best in today’s technology, the practice of a seismic survey prior to having well drillers on site saves you time and money. Contact us today to learn more.

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When choosing from the list of Texas well drillers, why not choose a Texas-based industry leader?

When thinking about Texas, which resource comes to mind first of all? Stereotypically, oil, but experts believe that this may not always be the case. A global competition for fresh water resources has started, and it appears that Texas may well find itself as one of the players. More and more municipalities, organizations, businesses and individuals recognize the need for greater independence and self-reliance when it comes to water, which is why Texas well drillers are increasingly in demand. The explanation is simple: building a water well is a long-term investment that will bring a lot of direct and indirect dividend for decades, but only if it is planned out, constructed, used and maintained in due fashion. This makes it extremely important for anyone looking into a water well in the state of Texas to see the details of the process and the characteristics one should look for in a service provider.
Most people would know that a survey of all of your land comes first. It comes first for a reason and should never be skipped or curtailed. The survey is something a professional Texas well driller should insist on, as it informs about the best location for the well, the potential problems further down the road, such as invisible underground obstructions, and also allows for better planning of each stage. Where you will place your well in relation to other structures on your land may be the most crucial decision in the entire process, as incorrect or careless placement may well lead to an empty or highly inefficient well that is also damaging to your other infrastructure. It is best if the Texas well drillers that you short-list can provide or recommend surveying services as well, as this gives extra confidence in their expertise and also saves you extra expenditures.
Whatever surveyor you choose, when it comes to the next stage, construction and drilling, make sure that the Texas well drillers of your choice have all the necessary certification, licenses and approvals for this kind of work. Once this is double-checked, it should be fairly easy for your driller of choice to start using the results of the survey right away. This stage will include well design, choice of materials, and ensuring compliance with government regulations at every step of the way. Do not shy away from difficult questions – remember, this is your water well and you should be comfortable with the decisions that are made, which means understanding them fully. Such details as the well positioning, depth of drilling, the influence material choice can have, and the interrelation between principal well use and all of these factors should allow for simple explanation on the part of your Texas well driller.
One of the surveyors for Texas well drillers does not need extra introduction – after all, American Water Surveyors has been around for years and nothing but good things have been heard about them to date from their clients. With their home base right here in Texas, AWS possess the greatest level of expertise in water well surveying. An unmatched level of technology during surveying (the seismoelectric approach) allows them to have the smallest margin of error possible in the industry. The rest is logical: fewer mistakes mean smaller expenditures mean happy customers. Before calling in the Texas Well Drillers, contact American Water Surveyors to save time and money.

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