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Water Well Drilling is a Long-Term Investment

As water is becoming more and more recognized as the ultimate resource and the question of having independent access to fresh drinking water is more acute than ever before. Water well drilling is also gaining in prominence due to the fact that water from such wells often tastes better than the water from the public water system. Whatever the reason, drilling a water well should not be taken lightly. If due care and patience are not practiced, the new well would be more a cause for concern than enjoyment.
The first step in the process is having your land surveyed by professionals to determine where the best possible location for the well is. The survey is useful for determining the layout of the property and the features that would be hidden to the naked eye. Starting water well drilling and construction without the survey is potentially hazardous and extremely costly. Just as one doesn’t build a house without determining a safe and efficient location for it, one should not think about skipping the land surveying for a water well under any circumstances. When choosing a land surveyor company, consider one that has extensive water location experience.
The next group of experts to follow in the steps of the land surveyors should be licensed or certified water well drillers. These professionals will make use of the data collected in the earlier stage of your water well drilling project to plan and design a well that meets your requirements while conforming to all government regulations in the most efficient manner. Some features to consider would be well depth, location in relation to other structures, the materials used etc. The drillers should also know the intended use of the well, such as providing drinking water to the household or the livestock or field irrigation.
When choosing the service providers for all your water well drilling needs, check out American Water Surveyors. We are a Texas-based company that has extensive experience with complex surveying prior to drilling and well design projects throughout the United States. The surveying is done through the use of state-of-the-art seismoelectric equipment that actively detects fluids in rocks and soils without being bulky or carrying a large margin of error. American Water Surveyors is known for accurate quotes and low cost without loss of quality, and has been used extensively by farmers, home owners, municipalities and real estate developers.
Having your own access to fresh water and exploring your options for making use of water well drilling are steps in the right direction. The importance of water to numerous business spheres and the quality of life cannot be overestimated. By investing your time and energy into researching the possibility of constructing a well on your property, you demonstrate sound long-term planning and determination to be ahead of the game. Contact American Water Surveyors today for a detailed quote to explore your options now. We will help you with your questions and concerns by making use of their past experience and knowledge. Fresh water is just around the corner… ahem, just under your feet. Enjoy!

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Private Well Owners Use Water Testing Kits to Monitor Water Quality

Every human being is in need of a source of clean drinking water and a hundred years ago, that meant simply digging a hole. With the technology that was to develop in the century that followed, it meant that densely populated areas were able to get their water through an offspring of pipes. Elsewhere however, where houses are spread apart by more than a few feet, fresh water is provided by wells. American Water Surveyors is here to provide New Mexico well drillers with unparalleled service, using state of the art technologies in order to determine groundwater depth, yields, and suitability prior to costly drilling.

For many years, New Mexico well drillers simply drilled until they found water and in the meantime, would often spend more than intended and far more than what was necessary. What American Water Surveyors has brought to the market is in its use of seismic technologies to determine where the water is and how far underground it is. With successful surveys completed in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Alabama, and yes, New Mexico, American Water Surveyors travel anywhere. For New Mexico well drillers, what this means is savings – not in the hundreds, but in the thousands. Offering the premier water finding services in the industry, the efforts of American Water Surveyors have benefited farmers, municipalities, homeowners, real estate developers, golf course developers, and New Mexico well drillers.

Based in Texas, services are highly portable and this allows them to bring their services to New Mexico well drillers, no matter where their needed. American Water Surveyors have used their technologies for irrigation purposes, to water livestock, to benefit those who don’t want to rely on the municipal water supply, to help clients select the optimum location for a well, and have even worked with municipalities that needed supplemental water sources for their residents.

New Mexico well drillers have the opportunity to use these cost effective technologies to benefit their businesses and their clients. Just a few examples of their work can be found on their official Facebook page and the company makes it a priority to regularly update it with some of the new surveys that they’ve completed.

Ultimately, what American Water Surveyors’ aim is – it’s to give New Mexico well drillers a step up over their competition. Get the most out of your drilling rig by drilling once with a guarantee of knowing what you’re going to end up with, where it is, and when you will reach it. New Mexico well drillers have the opportunity to benefit from these seismic technologies in a way much like others have in states such as Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Instead of having to rely on playing a guessing game or relying on a combination of luck and magic, New Mexico well drillers can make the investment in their business today by giving American Water Surveyors a call at 1 – 877 – SEISMO1.

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The Process of Drilling Water Wells from Location to Completion

Whether you are a new or present homeowner, drilling a private water well can save you money by eliminating monthly water bills and providing unlimited access to your own fresh water supply. Well water often tastes cleaner and softer because it isn’t subject to chemical treatment, making it healthier to consume and environmentally friendly.

Once you have decided that drilling water wells is right for you and your family, it’s important to invest in a properly constructed well. Since location is key to your well’s performance, lifespan and water yield, you should consider having surveyors come out to map the land and determine the best location for drilling. They use special technology that detects signals generated by seismic pulses in the ground. This reveals information, such as depth, yield, thickness and water quality. Hiring professional water locators can save you from drilling a dry or low yield well, which may be an expensive mistake.

Be sure to choose a location that is clear from potential contaminant sources, like septic tanks, fertilizer storage, barns or flooded streams. Review your local government’s restrictions on drilling water wells and distance requirements before committing to a position. Also, wells should be built at higher elevations to avoid contamination. Other things to keep in mind when deciding on your well site include accessibility and potential future developments in your yard, such as sheds, garage or garden.

After planning the best location for well, the next step is hiring a licensed or certified well driller to design and construct your well. Before employing them, ensure they have experience drilling water wells, knowledge of the geology in your area, good reputation with past employers and will provide an estimate and written contract prior to drilling. Above all, choose a contractor you can trust and communicate with. Safe drinking water is your ultimate goal and you should be actively involved in the process.

Your well’s design is contingent on its intended use, the geology of your backyard, cost, materials, depth and maintenance. The investment you put into drilling water wells will show through its performance, so be sure to plan your finances accordingly. Construction time varies and depends on how deep they are drilling the well. Upon completion, the well should be developed and disinfected. The driller is required to do a yield test to determine water flow, rate at which to pump the well and depth at which to place the pump.

As a well owner, it is your duty to conduct regular water tests and repairs to your system. Wells can last up to thirty years if taken care of. If you need professional assistance finding a location before drilling water wells, contact our premier water finding surveyors today by calling 877-734-7661 ext 2 or visit wefindwater.com.

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