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Continuing Education Requirements for New Mexico Well Drillers

Residents of New Mexico who need a well drilled on their private or commercial property may be uncertain whether companies they select have sufficient expertise to do the job safely and competently. However, the state of New Mexico has enacted regulations to ensure standards are met by all New Mexico well drillers, so residents need not worry.
In addition to strict state licensing requirements, the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer has regulations, which have been in place since May 7, 2008, that require that “during each two-year licensing or registration period, a licensed well driller or registered drill rig supervisor shall complete a minimum of eight continuing education credit hours. The continuing education credit hours shall relate to well drilling.”These regulations have been put in place for three purposes:
1. to “focus on activities directly related to the business of well drilling”
2. to “improve the industry-related knowledge or skills”
3. to “advance the technical, professional, or managerial competence of the well driller or drill rig supervisor.”
In other words, New Mexico well drillers must have licenses, and they must also continuously keep up-to-date on new techniques and technologies in their field in order to keep those licenses valid.
The continuing education requirements for New Mexico well drillers are concretely laid out to ensure that the drillers get specific types of training throughout the license validity period. For example, at least two of the hours must deal with well drilling regulatory requirements or the administration of water rights in the state (which differ from those of other states). Four of the hours must deal with well drilling methods and techniques. To ensure that some of the learning in these sessions is hands on and/or face to face, there is also a stipulation that a maximum of two of the hours can come from online or correspondence courses; the remaining six must be in person.
The continuing education credit hours for New Mexico well drillers can take many forms. These include the following:
1. conference sessions, seminars or other professionally organized events
2. in-class or online study programs
3. technical vendor presentations
4. authorized presentations by staff from the Office of the State Engineer
5. active involvement, such as being an officer or a committee chair, in a professional society or organization (up to two credit hours)
The continuing education credit hours for New Mexico well drillers can also focus on a wide range of topics including these:
1. well drilling methods and techniques
2. rules and regulations for licensing, drilling and construction
3. general business practices
4. safety
5. basic groundwater geology
6. global positioning systems
7. other related topics
Perhaps the most important point about what qualifies as valid continuing education is that all sessions must be pre-approved by the Office of the State Engineer. In conjunction with the license requirements, these approved courses ensure that the highest standards are met by all New Mexico well drillers. Residents who need such services therefore can be confident about the competence and safety of the companies they choose.
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