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A Well Driller’s Limits

Well drillers continue to serve an invaluable purpose, even in our age of mechanical conveniences. In fact, as the industry of drilling becomes more advanced and complex, so does their training. Long past are the days when drilling a well was as simple as digging. With modernization come protocols and safety measures, and while they may seem to slow the process down, they enable us to utilize machinery that drastically speeds it up. The machinery cannot take all the credit though. It is only because of the professionals who design and operate our drills that they have any value at all.

Like any professional though, their knowledge has its limits. Despite their training and experience, well drillers still lack one of the most essential abilities in creating a well. They can cut through earth and rock like butter, but without the knowledge of where water lies their tools are wasted. You would not go for surgery if the surgeon did not know where to operate. A misplaced well may be less critical to your health, but it is dangerous nonetheless. Well drillers lack the knowledge necessary to ensure that a well will be in an optimal position for high yield and longevity. If a well is drilled in the wrong location, it is nothing more than an expensive hole. Thankfully we have developed equipment to help shed light where our eyes cannot see.

Groundwater surveying is like a surgeon’s x-ray. It allows us to see underground without invasive equipment. This enhanced understanding of aquifers and subterranean composition eliminates the guesswork of finding the best spot to place a well. We no longer need to rely on trial and error. Groundwater surveying costs a fraction of what it takes to drill a single well. This means that one misplaced hole is far more costly than the understanding that would have prevented it. Economics aside, unnecessary excavation can be harmful to the land and wastes valuable time. Just as there are professional x-ray technicians who provide surgeons with the information they need, professional groundwater surveyors provide land owners and well drillers with crucial information for their job.

Like well drillers, groundwater surveyors also use sophisticated technology in their profession, the most advanced and reliable of which is seismoelectric surveying. This process uses seismic vibrations to detect electrical signals through rock and soil. These readings offer a dependable awareness of the location and quality of aquifers in a survey site without damaging the land. Unlike other forms of groundwater surveying such as nuclear magnetic resonance technology, seismoelectric surveying is inexpensive and incomparably accurate.

Well drillers can perform their job as competently and professionally as possible, but the task of groundwater surveying is outside of their professional jurisdiction. This is why groundwater surveying will always be an irreplaceable process in drilling wells efficiently and inexpensively. A surgeon would never go to work blind, and neither should any professional. Trustworthy groundwater surveying is never an asset to be overlooked. If you are considering having a well drilled at your expense, it is worth making sure that it is done right. For more information on groundwater surveying or to enlist our services, contact American Water Surveyors at www.wefindwater.com, 1-877-734-7661, extension 1 or info@wefindwater.com.

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