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Take the Magic and Mystery out of Drilling Water Wells

Drilling water wells without knowing where the water is can cost thousands of dollars. The typical approach to drilling water wells has been to get out the drills and backhoes, and hope for the best. Sometimes groundwater is found where you hope it will be, but too often for the pocketbook, a second or third attempt must be made; and it is costly. You pay for the drilling services by the foot and sometimes no water is found even after drilling down 2000 feet. The drilling company still bills you for those hundreds or thousands of feet of dry holes in your landscape. American Water Surveyors saves the financial headaches of futile drilling attempts by locating the most likely sources of water from the surface. We can even tell the yield down to gallons per minute.

How does it work? In the past, people had to rely on the ‘magic’ of water-witching or hazel stick divining to tell whether or not there was water in the area they were drilling water wells but now, this effective new method relies on physics and geologically scientific principles for the information. This state of the art technology uses portable discovery and drilling equipment. In simplified terms, the seismic exploration equipment sees the fluid in the rocks and soil. The GF3500 computer-receiver equipment combined with a seismic generator detects electrical signals that are caused by seismic vibration impulses passing through the layers of rock, sediment and soil. A sharp sound pulse is created which moves down through the porous aquifer and causes the water ions to move away from the rock. This causes an electrical impulse which sends a signal to the surface. Each signal transmits information about the depth, thickness and quality of the aquifer to make it clear how much water the area is likely to yield. The depth that the signals are originating from is estimated by using the travel time of the downgoing seismic impulse. Pretty cool, yes? And certainly more reliable than walking along the field carrying a forked stick! Since signals are only produced by moveable water in saturated rocks, this equipment also shows where there is no water, and therefore no need for drilling water wells. Result? No more investing in a dry well. This technology is invaluable for anyone who wants to know how much water and how deep it is before drilling water wells or beginning any other kind of landscape planning.

However, in order to collect the best quality of data possible for drilling water wells the site you choose must be in an area where the soil is good. That is, the first three feet cannot be too rocky. The soil needs to have less than 30% rock in the first three feet. The area also cannot be too close to overhead or underground electrical sources. Electricity that is within 50-100 feet of the site can interfere with the sensitive equipment. Also, the area needs to be accessible to the pickup truck carrying the equipment. With only those limitations, why not hire a groundwater surveyor before you hire the water well drillers?

This technology will help you find the best water available. American Water Surveyors services have been revolutionizing drilling water wells in the United States and other areas as well. All our equipment is in the back of our pickup truck so is easily accessible to all areas. Costs are reduced, time is saved and environmental damage is lessened. Seismoelectrics takes the magic and mystery out of drilling water wells. American Water Surveyors is located at PO Box 164163 Fort Worth Texas 76161-4163. Phone at 877-734-7661. Contact us online at info@wefindwater.com

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New Mexico Well Drillers

New Mexico well drillers are a valuable resource to go to when in need of a new well and you do not have the wherewithal to do it yourself. However, well drillers are paid by the foot, even if there is no water to be had. The risk of drilling a well without surveying the area is that there might be no water or not enough water. This risk outweighs the cost of hiring groundwater surveyors. It would be a worthwhile investment to hire groundwater surveyors before the well drillers. There is no point in a well that is not worth the money it took to make.

Groundwater surveyors should be the first step before anyone looks for New Mexico well drillers. Their technology is up to date and they can provide information on the depth needed for the well, possible yields and suitability of the water and well. Usually, these surveyors are very mobile, able to commit to the job without the hassle of gathering the right equipment and waiting for its arrival. As the technology is not supremely mobile, do not expect a surveyor to be able to work on foot, without the equipment, away from the vehicle holding the surveillance equipment.

There are very few negative aspects to hiring groundwater surveyors before New Mexico well drillers. A few of those might be the terrain in which the well is desired. If the first three feet of surface soil contains more than 30% rock, the surveyors will not be able to use their equipment and will not be able to locate a well. If there are electrical power lines, overhead or buried, nearby, it will interrupt their equipment’s readings. If the site is inaccessible by truck, they will not be able to work because the equipment cannot get close enough to the site.

However, these are minor problems if one considers the cost of getting a well drilled only to find that it is dry or does not produce enough water. New Mexico well drillers often hire groundwater surveyors before the drilling to help with the process and help the client know that the well will be worthwhile.

The benefits of being able to see into the ground without breaking out the shovels and knowing how much water to expect from that site would cost a fraction of drilling a well. New Mexico well drillers are able to help reduce the cost of well drilling by finding how deep the water flows. Instead of blindly drilling and hoping for water, one can find out how much water to expect from each site surveyed. Again, this cost only a fraction of the costs associated with drilling a well.

Ranchers, farmers, well drillers, municipalities, homeowners on an acreage or otherwise, and golf courses all require the use of water and most, if not all, call on a groundwater surveyor before finding the right New Mexico well driller. The most popular, and best, of these groundwater surveyors can be reached with the following contact information:
American Water Surveyors
Phone: 877-SEISMO1 (734-7661), 817-788-5716

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